Taxation Services

Taxation Services

HK C&T provide Taxation Services over 30 years, one of the CPA in our Group K.T.Chan start practising in HK since year 1979, we can fully handle the tax case of our clients because we are experienced and professional. We respect our client and get well understanding of client's business nature, so we can establish custom made tax plan for our client, that's why our client can pur all their effort on business but not waste the time on tax issues.

We offer package of Auditing + Taxation service, if you need a quotation of our service / package, please fill in this form and return to us by email or directly contact Miss Yu (852) 2156 9955.


  1. Provide a well balanced and reasonable Tax Plan
  2. Provide Tax Compliance Services
  3. Provide International Tax Planning for clients across different jursidications


  1. Under Section 14 of IRO, a person inculde individual, corporate, partnership which carrying on any trade or business in Hong Kong are subject to profits tax on profits arising in or derived from Hong Kong. Tax payer is required to file a Profits Tax Return with the Inland Revenue Department every year.
  2. Corporate Profits Tax rate is 16.5% only.
  3. Only income and profits have a source in Hong Kong are subject to Hong Kong tax.
  4. No tax leived on capital gains, dividends or interest.
  5. No Sales Tax or Value Added Tax.